countdown to launch day

countdown to launch day

I am so excited to finally be launching my own brand.  I have been working on it for the past eight months.  I have been questioned by friends and family if I am actually sewing the dresses, but the answer is no! I designed them and had them professionally manufactured.  I had no idea how this process worked going into it, or that it was even something I could attain on my own. So here is the backstory.

When we went to Nantucket, Massachusetts this past summer, I completely scoured the entire island for a pink and white "Nantucket" sweatshirt.  I couldn't find it! (If you see one let me know lol).  So when we got home from that trip I decided I was going to make my own😂.  From there, my ideas went from making one for myself to making them say "Saratoga" and selling them in my hometown next summer.  While I was looking into the sweatshirt manufacturing process, I saw a very recognizable designers dress on the manufacturers website.  So on a whim, I sent them a rough sketch of what I wanted, picked a color and ordered a sample.  Here is a picture of that sample!

 I was so obsessed when it came in the mail.  I couldn't believe how good the quality was.  I was carrying it around from room to room with me, and couldn't stop staring at it.  From that day on, I just never really stopped working on my business.  I learned how to make digitally printed fabrics, and ordered many more rounds of samples to ensure the fit was perfect.  


There has been lots of late nights and learning curves, but I am having so much fun.  I have to give a shout out to my Husband, Mom, and Dad who have all been more than supportive of my endeavor, and encouraged me to go for it.  I can't wait to show you the whole collection.  Talk soon! ♡ 


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I am so excited for you! I am looking forward to shopping your brand!

Elaine Trevisani

Congrats on the new launch. Hard work always pays off. Hoping to see you lit up on a Times Square billboard soon !

Paul Burke

Congratulations Kathleen! Your clothes are beautiful! Great name for your business. I wish you all the luck in your endeavor! You will do great!!!

Donna Bullinger

This is so great, I had no idea you could do that! Before I was a photographer I was a hobby-sewer. I made tops and dresses for myself and my daughter, tons of them! I’m excited to see your Spring line!

Ashley Wilbur



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